In this article we will explain what is html tag and type of html tags.


HTML tags are the hidden keywords within a web page that define how your web browser format and display the content. HTML tags contain three main parts first opening tag, second content and third closing tag. But some HTML tags are unclosed tags.

what are tags in html

 HTML Tag Examples

    <p> Paragraph Tag </p>
    <h2> Heading Tag </h2>
    <b> Bold Tag </b>
    <i> Italic Tag </i>
    <u> Underline Tag</u>
    <div> Div tag </div>

Unclosed HTML Tags

Some HTML tags are not closed, for example br and hr.

<br> Tag: br tag used break line, it breaks the line of the code.

<hr> Tag: hr tag used for put a Horizontal line.  

HTML Meta Tags

DOCTYPE, title, link, meta and style

HTML Text Tags

<p>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>, <strong>, <em>, <abbr>, <acronym>, <address>, <bdo>, <blockquote>, <cite>, <q>, <code>, <ins>, <del>, <dfn>, <kbd>, <pre>, <samp>,<div>, <var> and <br>

HTML Link Tags

<a> and <base>

HTML Image and Object Tags

<img>, <area>, <map>, <param> and <object>

HTML List Tags

<ul>, <ol>, <li>, <dl>, <dt> and <dd>

HTML Table Tags

table, tr, td, th, tbody, thead, tfoot, col, colgroup and caption

HTML Form Tags

form, input, textarea, select, option, optgroup, button, label, fieldset and legend

HTML Scripting Tags

script and noscript

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