How to replace null value to another value such as 0 or “” in select statement using sql server Query.

I'm using Twitter Bootstrap modal popup functionality. When someone clicks on button, I want to show the modal popup upon clicking the "button" in the page.

I am using a SQL Server database in C# MVC. I want to get all table datatype, column name in sql server using query.

I am using a SQL Server database in C# MVC. To do this, I am creating strongly-typed classes that mirror the database structure so that it is easy to get objects back and forth between C# and SQL Server.

How to execute Dynamic Query in SQL Server,I have a User table with 6 columns as UserID,FirstName, LastName etc. I want to write a dynamically select statement query with some filter using a variable

How to use Linq Count with Condition,I want to get employee count with conditions in Linq.

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