Can someone explain why use  “with (nolock)” in SQL Server queries, when you should/shouldn't use it?

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  1. Aditya Kumar Patel
    use of WITH (NOLOCK) in SQL Server mac bhijan
    9/1/2018 9:47:16 AM

    The NOLOCK hint allows SQL to read data from tables by ignoring any locks and therefore not being blocked by other processes.

    This can improve query performance, but also introduces the possibility of dirty reads.

    Read more to better understand the use of NOLOCK.


    UPDATE Customer set Contact='0004894149' where ID=1


    If you run the above query ,you will notice that it never completes, because the UPDATE has not yet been committed.   

    select * from customer where ID=1

    If we run above SELECT without NOLOCK  in another query window then your table will getting locked.


    select * from customer with(nolock)where ID=1

    If we run above SELECT with NOLOCK  in another query window then your table will return all record.

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