How to convert a DataTable to a List in C#

How to convert the datatable result into Json format in mvc C#.

How to Deserialize JSON string to c# object: I have an MVC application coded in C# .This is what my requirement is. I want an object which is in the following format.This object should be achieved when I deserialize the Json string.

I am using c# but I want to remove white space from my string data such as like below Name:

how to check directory exist or not in c#, How can I check if directory F:/ contains a folder named Uploads, and if it does not exist, create the folder automatically in c#?

how to get session value in c# class, I am trying to use session in my c# class file but unable to use it.

i am new in c# windows apllication we want to insert data in datagridview from text box c#.

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