How to use Linq Count with Condition,I want to get employee count with conditions in Linq.

Linq inner join with example in c#, I'm writing a LINQ to SQL statement for a normal inner join with an ON clause in C#.

An unhandled exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException' occurred in System.Core.dll Additional information: Sequence contains no matching element

Linq defaultifempty method with example. In linq defaultifempty method is used to return default value in case if list or collection contains empty or null values

How to use linq todictionary() method in c# with example, Linq todictionary method to convert list / collection to dictionary object in c# with example

Linq asqueryable method with example. In linq asqueryable method is used to convert given input list elements to iqueryable list.

i want to convert employee collection to a List.

Now I want to get list of Employee but skip first 2 Employee. So if I have say for e.g. 5 Employee then I want to get 3 - 5 Employee and skip Employee 1 and 2.

This code snippet for Linq Query To Select Top 3 Records.

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